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Welcome to cuelic.com. We offer coupon codes, discounts and promo codes for 1000+ brands at our website. By using cuelic you agree to our terms of use and you legally abide by third party data protection rights, not to share any of the cuelic data anywhere without our consent. Please read our terms of service document carefully and in case of any query feel free to contact us. You can write us on our “contact us” section and we will respond you as soon as possible.

This document governs your use of website, content, software applications, coupon codes, deals and any other service provided by cuelic.com (cuelic.com or “We”). Service includes cuelic.com the website browser, mobile apps, content written on the website, and our blog. If you use our website, you consent to obey our terms of service.


Any activity performed by the user like an activity to copy, share, amend, publicize with his/ her name any part of the site or any of its content will be consider illegal. Any user caught performing such act will have to bear legal consequences. cuelic reserve the right to add, remove or amend its offers, content and site from time to time.


On our website, you will find third party data like deals, electronic coupons, offers, adverts, promo codes. If you use any of the data dealing will occur between you and the seller. cuelic will not be responsible for fulfilling any offer made by the seller.

A huge portion of this website is dedicated to coupons and deals. These are electronic coupons related to third party transactions. All the coupons present on our website belongs to the merchant/ seller that we have collected and posted at a single place for your easy access. cuelic will not be responsible for your transaction with the merchant.

cuelic is not responsible for any transaction you have made with the third party. We do not provide warranty for your purchase. In case of any customer service issues, you are required to contact the merchant.

You will be held responsible for any of your buying decision made at the seller’s website and not cuelic.com. Make sure you have read complete description about the product that you are going to buy and all the specifications it holds. The seller also governs order cancellation policies. p>

cuelic provides you the opportunity to comment, refer a friend post review, opinion, advice, discuss or communicate with us through our registered email.

Your Obligations:

You must be 15, legally allowed to form a binding agreement with the merchant. Do not use this website if you are under 13 years of age.

You are required not to share improper content or content holding third party rights.

You are required to abide by all local laws prevailing in your region and not to violate third party rights.

You must abide by all polices and terms of service mentioned on our website and not by any means harm cuelic.com.

You are not allowed to circulate spam emails.

You are required not to copy, reuse, circulate distribute or share any information from our website without our permission.

If you do not agree to any of the terms of service, PLEASE DO NOT USE cuelic.COM.

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