Privacy Policy

Effective Date : June 01,2021

Cuelic provides coupon and discounts through, online services, software application, social networking sites and its blog posts. This privacy statement describes how we use your information and applies it to all these places. It also describes our online activities we own, control and operate.

We have also described our terms of service on this website, which describes the rules for you to use this website and any liability that may incur if you breach rules. If you want to use our website, you must agree to our terms and conditions document and use of your information as described below.

You must agree to our privacy policy if you want to use our site. Please do not provide your sensitive banking information, your pin codes, passwords, or any other sensitive information at any place on our website.

What information we collect from you:

We collect “your” personal information only. It is the information used to describe you. Your personal information includes

  • Your name
  • Addresses
  • Geo-location
  • Email Address
  • Stores you love to visit frequently
  • Coupon codes you have searched or used.
  • Browsing and shopping history
  • Articles you love to read or your favorite topics.

How we collect your information:

We track or keep the record of only the information described above and keep a track of all information through

  • Cookies and other tracking devices.
  • How to respond and interact to our services.
  • Your system I.P address.

How we use your information:

  • We track your topics of interest that you search and based on your geolocation provides you with internet based ads.
  • For advertisement purposes, we evaluate your eligibility for a product or service.
  • To conduct customer research.
  • To operate and maintain our site.
  • To allow you to sign up for any new deal we have for you.
  • Answer your questions well
  • To answer and solve your issues and queries.

Security of your information that we provide:

No information over the internet is 100% secure. Not all-electronic storage of information on the internet is 100% secure. However, we at try our level best to keep your information as secured as possible.

We request you not to share any of your banking or credit card information on our website. Please do not provide any of your sensitive information on our website. If you have any privacy related issues, you can contact us.